Big Bird Bling App

Big Bird Bling

Decorate Jim Henson’s Big Bird with 50 Cent’s bling. An iPhone app modeled roughly on Pac Man but more gangly and feathery.

It’s the 1970’s. You’re alone in a maze of Alphabet City. You play Big Puffy Bird, a new bird on the block who’s looking to build your posse out of a ragtag troupe of legless streetwalkers: a cookie-obsessed monster, a vampire with a taste for peanut butter, a starlet piggy and a smartass frog.

But watch out for the Trash Can Kernel. He’s starting up a fast food franchise that specializes in giant, yellow, deep-fried wings. He’ll stop at nothing to get you into the fryer. The more bling (tokens) you acquire on your journey through the city, the closer you are to running the streets.

Why Was This App Banned? characters not cleared, birds don't have teeth
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