Bomb Muslim Stereotypes App

Bomb Muslim Stereotypes iPhone App

A multiple-choice game app that enables you to identify and destroy stereotypes about Muslims. You’re shown four purported stereotypes. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to pick the one that’s a real stereotype. An example to illustrate:

  • Muslims appreciate Western influence but don’t know how to show it.
  • Muslims are voracious readers with an uncontainable curiosity about people whose values and life experience differ from their own.
  • Muslims wear turbans.
  • Muslims are an imminent threat to the Asian subcontinent.

Tricky, isn’t it? They all sound good. The third choice is a true stereotype, because although we think they do, not all muslims wear turbans. It’s hard to believe, but many don’t wear any identifying headgear. Of those that do, more than half wear uv-protective masks called “burqas” because women shouldn’t provoke the desire of their male counterparts. Every correct answer gains you a token, every wrong answer takes your token away. Your goal is to collect nine tokens.

For every correct guess, you see the correct stereotype blown up, preceded in stereo by audibly realistic airplanes flying overhead. You want to listen to this with your headphones.

Originally published Nov 12, 2009* app review re-published in honor of Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

Why Was This App Banned? protests from Human Rights Watch and the Center for the Propagation of Competing Ideologies
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