Command Line For iPhone App

Command Line for iPhone

The iPhone is easy to use, but at what cost? Ease-of-use should never get in the way of the feeling of triumph when you’ve worked hard to understand a sophisticated device. Command Line for iPhone is ready to bring that “subroutine high” back to the consumer.

Launch this incredibly simple app and you’re presented with an old-school C:\> prompt awaiting your input: glowing text on a calming blue screen. The app developers’ attention to geek detail is something to behold. At great effort and expense, it appears they interpolated the iPhone’s native 163 ppi screen down to a fully aliased 6-color CRT monitor. And in order to avoid reminding us of the postmodern age, they disabled the virtual keyboard (harder to do than it sounds!) and in its place, Command Line for iPhone only takes input from any external, iPhone-compatible, usb-powered keyboard or DE-9 joystick.

Ready to pop open the hood and fuck shit up? Once you’re jacked in, just go at it. Command Line gives you access to the entire system. Soon you’ll be writing apps that Apple never dreamed possible on the iPhone. From an ASCI ski game to a powerful “Word virus” there’s no stopping you.

Why Was This App Banned? kernel access, bypassing of common safeguards, also disables accelerometer, multi-touch input to the screen and sound card component
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