Crazy Talk Mugging Prevention App

Crazy-Talk Mugging Prevention App

About to be mugged? It doesn’t have to be this way!

The next time you’re out for a midnight stroll and your sixth sense tells you that you took a wrong turn, just launch Crazy-Talk Mugging Prevention App and start mumbling the stream of incoherent ramblings you hear in your headphones. Even if you dress in your best jeans and digg hoodie, your potential muggers will later swear to friends that the only thing they saw that night was “a crazy, possessed homeless dude”.

With the Crazy-Talk Mugging Prevention App and a little buffo acting, you’ll immediately stop looking like easy mark.

And just in case your potential muggers stick around to watch your entertaining babble, the app provides over fifteen minutes of rants before anyone could detect an overlap.

Why Was This App Banned? admittedly incoherent content, also ineffective with police shakedowns
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