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Curiously Georged

Flashback one year ago today to a more innocent time, when sounding equal to (or smarter than) our President was as easy as saying to an infant “How big are you? How big are you? Are you this big? Yes you are!” We look back with a sad farewell to a figurative and verbal ‘balance of power’ where any gaffe was forgiven, and any misspeak was taken as a sign – not of unearned confidence, but of cocky leadership and perseverance in the face of one’s betters. If we continue our overadventurous path of electing silvery-tongued demigods, we may be doomed to never again feel or sound as comedically incomprehensible as our elected officials. This is why we at Nearly Banned Apps spent countless hours conceiving and developing an app exclusive to the iPhone and iPod Touch that turns back the clock.

The Curiously Georged iPhone App monitors your outgoing emails and text messages for strings of multi-syllabic words and converts them to Bush-speak. You never know what your recipients are about to read. Sample text such as:

“Our deadline for deciding on Google’s offer to acquire Digg is tomorrow morning at eleven.”


“Too many OB/GYNs aren’t able to practice their love with women all across this country.”

Like a time machine for your pocket, Curiously Georged sends us back to a serene and melancholy eight short years when no one felt excluded from verbal duets with The Decider In Chief. They say there’s an iPhone application for everything. Now we can say with 102% confidence that there may or may not be.

Why Was This App Banned? unauthorized cross-application access
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