Drawings Of My Stupid Brother App

Drawings Of My Stupid Brother

We all did it when we were kids. We all drew pictures of our stupid brothers… Isn’t it time that we finally expose them to the light of public domain?

Now with the advent of sophisticated touch-devices like the iPhone and iPad, you can share these hidden masterworks with the world!

You start by providing detailed information about yourself, your family, drug history, allergies and known or suspected affiliations with left-wing groups. Concerned about having to re-enter things later? Don’t be. The app keeps all this information securely on its internal network of servers, and conveniently remembers your most personal information the instant you login again.

Next ask your Mom to scan and email one of the many drawings you did of your stupid brother. If she’s not that technically savvy, ask your folks to hold the drawing up to their FaceTime camera while you snap a screenshot. Then submit it, sit back, and watch the memes begin.

How does it work?

Designed by the U.S. State Department, Drawings Of My Stupid Brother App uses facial recognition to guess which stupid brother you drew. It does this by searching its vast database of recordings made at entryways to stadiums, airports and casinos to track where your stupid brother has been and where he’s likely to go next. It’s like turning on Lo-Jack for your stupid brother.

As soon as your drawing is live, alienated brothers just like you can use the following criteria to rate it:

  1. if you remembered to draw the nose
  2. which of you was the cowboy and which was the indian
  3. hints of youthful aspirations toward nationalism

It’s fun for the whole family!

Why Was This App Banned? unrealistic dynamite effects, synth guitar licks passing as real
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