Fly iPhone Fly App

Fly iPhone Fly

Are you rich? Ready to throw money into the void? Then this luxurious and wasteful $6,000 app is for you. Meant for one-time use, you simply buy the app, register yourself, launch Fly iPhone Fly, and hurl your iPhone or iPod Touch as far as you frickn can. Fly iPhone Fly takes care of the rest.

Putting to use a proprietary tenapracixis that makes ideal use of the iPhone’s aerodynamic styling, this simple app rapidly calculates and sends to our servers your device’s distance, height, spin and velocity while your iPhone (along with your name or handle) fly into the record books. Previous record holders have thrown their touch-sensitive devices off cliffs, out of planes, dropped them from paragliders and even BASE jumped their iPhones off the world’s tallest buildings with mini-parachutes. There’s no end to the fun.

One astronaut is purported to have simply let his iPhone float around within his sleeping quarters for days on end, measuring a record thirty laps around the earth. Think you can beat that? You’re just One Click® away from finding out…

Why Was This App Banned? initial name (Ultimate Frisbee iPhone App) conflicted with existing Wham-O Inc. copyright, also unintended iPhone usage, also possible scam, also my girlfriend didn’t get it
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