Get Out Of Jail Free App

Get Out Of Jail Free

Just like the title suggests, the Get Out Of Jail Free iPhone App gets the buyer out of jail once. For any crime.

You read that right! Any crime. We at Nearly Banned Apps can poke fun all we want, but however we try to spin it, we fail to match the odd audacity of the app’s actual description, so we’re just reprinting it here:

This lightweight “prison break” iPhone app is based in part on bribery and in part on sound market principles. An anonymous, highly-placed international judicial team has pre-negotiated the terms of your release from county and city jails, state correctional facilities and even the portable, plush cells of the International War Crimes Tribunal.

When we say that we’ll get you out for any crime, we mean business. Don’t believe us? Read our reviews or try it out for yourself. You’ll be out of jail quicker than you can say “Free Winona” or we’ll refund a quarter of your money. That’s fifty bucks in your pocket, right now. We’re that confident in the deals we pre-arranged on your behalf!

Why Was This App Banned? Apple does not offer or condone refunds, reported app failure in Mexico and Panama - bring plenty of cash
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