Gin-Pickled Tongue App

Gin-Pickled Tongue

Ready for the most offensive iPhone app ever? Demons are about to be unleashed so if you happen to be weak-stomached, please skip now to our previous app review. We warned you…

Gin-Pickled Tongue is hands-down THE most offensive app we’ve come across. The app’s premise is fine… that “victims of priest sex offenders” need a place to network with each other. And this app delivers on that growing demand. Okay. Fine. The official description seems sincere. Well-intentioned people probably put this app together. But here’s the rub… Of all the possible names, why call the app GIN-PICKLED TONGUE? Think about that title for a moment…

The description:

The first-of-its-kind social networking app for victims of priest sexual abuse. Hosted by “Friends & Family of Priest Sexual Abuse” (FFPSA), Gin-Pickled Tongue’s sole purpose is to build a vibrant and active community of faith among survivors who live daily with traumatic and unknowable memories. Chat now with people who share your experience. Reach out to that special someone who knows what you’ve been through. Even when you’re not feeling social, this tiny yet powerful – and sometimes lifesaving – app provides you with immediate support and understanding affirmations. You are not alone. It wasn’t your fault.

Why Was This App Banned? "Friends & Family of Priest Sexual Abuse" discovered as front organization for Scientology
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