Ground Control To Space Station x10 App

Ground Control To Space Station X10

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on!

Experience the thrill of controlling the International Space Station (ISS) from your handheld. Anywhere, anytime. Ground Control To Space Station X10 is an open source X10 app enabling you to control the lights, the in-wall speakers and even the full electrical system onboard the ISS.

It’s 2009 baby, and in-orbit cameras and microphones are rigged-up throughout the work and living quarters so you can watch as you let your impish impulses take over the coffee grinder or random power tools 350 kilometers away. All communications are on a nearly-live stream (only an eleven-second delay). The longer you stay online, the more control you’re given. Initially you can only dim lights. As you outlast competition and demonstrate mastery of each level’s play, you eventually gain access to the Space Station’s guidance and navigation systems. Safe for children 12 and up.

Why Was This App Banned? Apple's beta testing appeared to cause electrical and plumbing problems with the auto-flushing toilets
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