iEpitaph Emo App

iEpitaph Emo

With the world changing so fast these days, who has time for waxing poetic on our gravestones anymore? This isn’t grandma and grandpa’s epitaph, so why should it look like theirs?

The iEpitaph Emo iPhone App is a fully automated epitaph generator designed exclusively for existentially-aware teenagers and teenager-wannabes.

Choose from a pre-defined list of famous and infamous parting words to represent your unique individual viewpoint at the moment of truth. Don’t have time to browse a comprehensive list? Then simply choose from over thirty-two emoticons to represent your every conceivable mood. For all of eternity, you can remind people just how happy/ surprised/ wink/ lol/ indifferent you felt when you faced the grim reaper.

In the end, no one can be fully prepared. You may not have clean underwear on when you go, but at least your iPhone will have your up-to-date epitaph… and that’s peace of mind.

Why Was This App Banned? transparent pandering to legitimate emo subculture, quotes Kirk Cameron post-Growing Pains
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