iStream Alpha Bladder App

iStream Alpha-Bladder

This is the perfect app for the man with a shy bladder or weak stream. How many times have you been caught at the most inopportune moment at a public urinal next to a guy with the gift for gab? When two bull-headed men with shy bladders get caught standing next to one another, it could be an eternity before either one backs away to give the other guy his space. If you are still reading then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

With the iStream Alpha-Bladder App for iPhone, you will never find yourself in these situations again. Just launch the app and in exactly 10 seconds you’ll have what sounds like an impressive alpha male stream that’ll bring confidence to you and will make others respect who you truly appear to be.

Whether you’re relieving yourself at a crowded rest stop or in the privacy of your own home, it’s a win/win because after all, who doesn’t like the sound of a rushing stream when you need to go?

Why Was This App Banned? violates californians with disabilities act
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