Liquid Courage App

Liquid Courage App

The drunk dialing app for middle management.

Have you climbed your way into the middle rung of a Fortune 500 but the top guys conspire to block your every promotion? If so, your luck is about to change.

Will it change for the better? Probably not. But you don’t belong at the top anyway, so why not go out with a bang?

Like the previously banned Drunk Dialing App, this latest nearly touchless app Liquid Courage deploys three undocumented iPhone features, including the now famous exploit “inebria equilibrium detectofactor” to determine just how drunk you are. When it thinks you’ve got the “most balls,” the Liquid Courage App provokes you with condescending slights in voices that simulate your boss’s boss’s boss:

“Ever consider a different career?”
“Sorry were you saying something?”
“We had a great time last night. Everyone was there – I’m surprised no one thought to invite you.”

The app keeps provoking you with verbal challenges until it hears you shouting back. At this point, Liquid Courage immediately auto-dials the public message system at your workplace for everyone to hear you rant and rave. Let’s face it, you’ve been miscast for some time now and this little app can help create the perfect end to an imperfect career.

Why Was This App Banned? inaccurate representation of iPhone hardware features, promotes a post-ironic usage of baby carriages in bars
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