Mormon Caffeine App

Mormon Caffeine iPhone App

Defiling the temple of the lord one digital caffeine molecule at a time.

Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints-approved soda pop machine.

Featuring favorites like Shasta, Dr. Pepper and Diet Sunkist, buying a soft drink is as easy as upgrading a level. Add your real money (50¢ each via OneClick) and watch as a pop can virtually tumbles into view. Tap the top to hear the can crack open. Tip your phone to your mouth to hear caffeinated soda-gulping sounds. Your friends will think you’ve gone over to the dark side until you show them that it’s all just an entertaining, pocket-change-losing past time.

If the refreshing taste of caffeinated soda doesn’t get you all wired up, Mormon Caffeine features two hidden extras! Shake your iPhone to change the entire app to a hospital coffee dispenser! Shake it again to switch the app to a seedy liquor store open 24/7. It’s like three prohibitions in one! Every version accepts your real money in exchange for clean, innocent fun. So you can get a faux fix while remaining a faux angel!

Joseph Smith would be laughing in his grave if he could get a hold of this nearly banned app.

Why Was This App Banned? inappropriate use of game levels, theism-bashing
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