My Tofu Is Bigger Than Your Porkchop App

My Tofu Is Bigger Than Your Porkchop

Just in time for Thanksgiving, a food harvesting game app that finally lays to rest the age-old question that’s tormented centuries of philosophers and dietitians: whose diet is bigger?

The app features two paths: the Vegetarian Philosopher or the Porkchop Philistine. You are provided with the same amount of start-up capital (1,000 tokens) and the tools of your trade: a soybean farm or a pig farm. From there, you check in at least once a day to run your business into the stratosphere or into the ground. Agribusiness clients visit you once each week to broker soymilk or sausage deals. Share tips and tricks with online friends. Track and compare your gardening and harvesting skills on the public leaderboard.

Why Was This App Banned? not kosher, condescending toward naturalistic implants
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