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Revenge on Montezuma’s Revenge

“Is the water at this hotel safe to drink? I don’t know… it smells okay.”

Why risk your family’s health and an expensive vacation by letting your nose be the judge of water spoilage?

While the nose can never tell for sure, the Revenge on Montezuma’s Revenge App can determine with higher than 93% accuracy when local water is safe to consume.

Competing water-testing apps require you to immerse your iPhone (and potentially void your Apple warranty). This location-aware app stays dry at all times by linking into area hospitals and morgues to deliver the cold wet facts on the local tap.

At a glance, you can map every local hotspot where people contracted a waterborne illness. Learn what’s really in a town’s water supply – broken down by percentages:

98.9% water
.4% bacterium
.3% urine
.2% sewage
.1% drug-resistant fecal matter
.1% fake blood

Get a leg up on Montezuma with all the info you need before braving those ice cubes in your Diet Shasta.

Why Was This App Banned? inaccurate representation of functionality, hidden fees to access advertised databases, raw footage fetish
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