Ripped Ab Tracker App

Ripped Ab Tracker

Want to impress all of womenkind with your cardio workout but just don’t have the time to actually go through with it? Then the Ripped Ab Tracker is for you.

The Ripped Ab Tracker App (formerly Pedo-Liar) keeps track of every step you make throughout the day and multiplies that number 2, 5 and even 10 fold! Just flash the easy to read “data collection screen” at passing women and watch them fawn over you. Want to know the truth behind Ripped Ab Tracker? Just toggle a hidden switch to see your actual calorie-intake-to-burn-ratio so that you can buy larger clothes as needed to keep up the ruse.

You’ll be the loose-clothes wearing king of the water cooler and best of all, it’ll be our little secret.

Why Was This App Banned? ineffectual on womenkind, probable sexism
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