Road Head 2 Bumper Skitching App

Road Head 2: Bumper Skitching

Seems like we’ve been reviewing banned apps forever. You’d think by this time we’d be desensitized to the crazy/offensive/foolish apps people think they can sneak past the App Store censors. But every once and a while… a gem like this comes along to surprise us.

After Road Head was banned a few months back, we thought we’d heard the last from this NSFW app developer. Well, here comes a sequel. But this time instead of trying to drive while distracted, you’re one of the kids in the backseat…

“Try to catch glimpses of your hot new Stepmom as she pleasures your Dad in the front seat – while you pretend to be asleep in the back! You and your Dad score for every second that you go undetected.”

For a more extreme experience, you can play the second level where you’ve fallen out of the back seat and now hang off the bumper for dear life, skateboarding (bumper skitching, for those not in the know) while covertly sneaking peeks.

Still can’t get enough parent-on-parent action?

Advanced level: no skateboard – just snow and ice and your Converse All Stars by John Varvatos. (Did this really get a sponsor?) Now you have to keep an eye out for patches of de-iced road.

Super advanced level: She’s your real mom and you get sick each time you look. But you can’t help yourself.

Why Was This App Banned? depicts uncompensated sex acts
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