Scratch And Sniff Pyramid Scheme App

Scratch ‘N Sniff Pyramid Scheme

Congratulations, you may have just lost $6.99 on this app, but you’re about to be rich. You see, your friend who recommended it just walked away with a cold, clean $1.99 dollar bill and now it’s your turn. Drive your friends crazy with this practical joke. Your friends will grind their fingernails to bleeding nubs before they figure out that they, like you, bought into a technological hoax…and when they do, it’ll be too late because you too will be $1.99 richer!

Here’s how it works:

Set the trap by having a stooge confirm the sweet aromas coming from a strawberry displayed on your iPhone’s screen as they scratch their fingernails across it. Swipe to another fruit or to an Oreo Cookie and repeat the process. “Oh my God in heaven, this smells exactly like an Oreo! I can almost taste that creamy sugary filling between two chocolate cookie wafers!” Anyone who sees this cunning con pass between the two of you will want to experience the goodness for themselves.

Now that you have everyone’s attention, lure the “victim” further by letting him try. But only when the lemon is visible. When he scratches the screen, he will smell lemon because you have secretly smeared juice on the phone earlier.

Then abruptly take your iPhone back and make up a reason to leave, but not before telling the victim the name of the app (Scratch-N-Sniff Pyramid Scheme) and your full name.

When the victim goes to buy the app, he or she will be asked for the name of the person who referred the app and you will make a cool $1.99 in the process. This is the joke that keeps on giving!

Why Was This App Banned? user complaints, fosters an unhealthy curiosity about bondage
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