Skinny Foodie App

Skinny Foodie

A restaurant recommendation app that only works when it thinks you’re svelte as a gazelle. Using advanced physiognomic motion calculations, the Skinny Foodie iPhone app compares your motions to its sliding-scale database of skinny-to-obese human motion. If it determines your movements are less-than-fit, the app locks you out of its foodie recommendations, and instead offers you scolding diet and exercise advice. If you’re willing to listen to its sage free tips, you’ll be a fit foodie in no time. The perfect app for those who love eating, for those with difficulty resisting molten chocolate lava cake, and for those who appreciate machines telling them what to do.

Why Was This App Banned? app does not differentiate normal weight gain due to pregnancy, encourages illegal importation and consumption of sugarcane-sweetened Mexican Coca Cola
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