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Shopped Megan Fox App

‘Shopped Megan Fox App

This user-submitted photoshopped Megan Fox app has at its core a simple premise. Megan Fox doesn’t look good enough. In fact, she needs a lot of work. And you may be the only one who can save her.

In this game, you start out as a lowly designer and work your way up the ranks at the glossy U.S. celebrity mag Entertainment Weekly. Calling you into the corner office, your editor points at the initial layouts:

“Can you please do something with that? She needs to go on the July cover but I’m just not feeling her.”

It’s true. With ordinary supermodel looks and a complexion most would kill for, Megan Fox isn’t too good for digital touch ups. Take a perfectly healthy 22 year old celebrity “it girl”, marry her with your fly photoshop skills, and see if you can perfect her beyond perfection. Ready to share your vision with the world?

Why Was This App Banned? partial nudity
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