The Dog Did It App

The Dog Did It

Blame God? Or blame the dog…?

Atheist version of the popular banned app Pull God’s Finger which wrongly attributed bodily exhaust to an intelligent designer. Since launching that app a week ago, the lead developer wrote on his blog that he became a little skeptical (and a wee-bit smug):

Though at times filled with hot air, it turns out that a supernatural creator likely has very little to do with the gastric process resulting in flatulence. What’s behind the funny sound and foul odor is actually an emission of gasses at the tail end of the digestive process in mammals.

To which we answer: why you gotta be a buzz kill?

This so-called “new and improved” gas attribution app works just like before – it sniffs the air using Apple’s triple-patented on-chip scent detector. Then, using a complex verdict algorithm, it attributes blame. Only instead of blaming a higher power for the offensive odor, this one announces, simply:

“The dog did it.”

Why Was This App Banned? Apple writes: "App attempts to access on-chip technology that still does not exist in the mobile device." also "Please stop feeding the little guy fresh chicken! Now I gotta leave the room."
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