The Rejected Google App

The Rejected Google iPhone App

Google had something new and amazing in store for iPhone users: its new application would have let iPhones make telephone calls, send text-messages, store contact information and browse the Internet. Unfortunately, Apple had other plans.

Before submitting it to the App Store, Google presciently named their new product The Rejected Google iPhone App. This odd name may be the first sign that Google anticipated that their app was destined to be featured on our site.

Not to be easily waved aside, Google released to the public an explainer for how the app was to work:

“Simply put, you install The Rejected Google iPhone App like you install any other. Rejected then writes an open-source operating system called Android alongside the iPhone 3G’s default operating system. The next time you reboot, the iPhone will prompt you with a choice about which OS you’d like to use. If you choose Android, much of the functionality you’ve come to expect from an elegant, integrated software-hardware solution is moved to a new section on the phone called ‘Under third party development, please check back later for beta versions.’ What’s left is a lean, mean phone-calling machine with highly advanced internet access. Plus tons of newly-minted apps, called Gaps.

Despite its inevitable rejection, anticipation built up for Rejected since it enabled users to immediately switch to a better service provider, however making the switch wouldn’t release anyone still within a 2-year contract with the Dark Lord.

Why Was This App Banned? perceived overlap with core iPhone functionality
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