Tofu Freshness Countdown App

Tofu Freshness Countdown

Finally, an app that solves the age-old problem of leaving tofu in the refrigerator too long.

Throw away those magic markers! Throw away that calendar with its “dates” and “numbers” and its analog conception of “time”. Tofu Freshness Countdown uses advanced calculus and other math and stuff just to remember when you first opened your package of tofu. Its sophisticated graphical user interface displays in large type how many days – and even hours and minutes – since you opened your tofu package. So simple even a vegetarian child can learn to use it.

Simply break open your tofu package, launch Tofu Freshness Countdown App and press START.

Not sure if your tofu is good a week later? No need to smell it! Yuck! No need to scrape the sides or check for firmness! Ewww! Just launch Tofu Freshness Countdown and you’re golden.

Code monkeys have taken care of the rest.

Why Was This App Banned? lack of activities for the kids
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