Unexplainable X-Rays App

Unexplainable X-Rays App

Got a crazy x-ray of yourself and want to get it out there into the public domain? Now there’s an app for that!

Remember the missing gerbil incident? You said it would never happen again. Then it did! LOL! Certainly we can joke about it now… but the memories are so distant. And who wants to search through health files or dial the emergency room again just to find your scratched-up old x-ray?

After today’s hi-res update for iPad and iPhone 4, that memory is just a “touch” away.

An iPhone X-Ray App like no other? This unique personal photo-sharing collection requires no description for any image. Just upload and tag each one using a convenient and ever-expanding dropdown list (“nail,” “scissors,” “lost beads” or “stuck fist”) and the app’s internal sorting methods will organize the rest. Nothing is news to this wild and wacky community.

Why Was This App Banned? Apple’s Manager of iPhone App Quality and Suitability writes: “While I get it and had hours of fun testing the app with my own x-rays, our legal team really found this app both suggestive and well out of bounds.”
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