Warm Towels App

Warm Towels iPhone App

This new app from Taiwan finally provides a convenient two-compartment storage space, within your iPhone, for virtual towels.

Ever step out of a shower only to find your boyfriend or husband snatched the last towel? How annoying is that? Instead of getting mad, or worse getting even later tonight, just launch the Warm Towels App for iPhone and you’ll have two “furnace-warmed” virtual towels, one to throw on the chilly tiles of the bathroom floor, and another to wrap around that rockin’ torso that gained you so much unwanted attention in your teens. Towels are heated naturally and efficiently by harnessing excess heat generated by the iPhone. Best of all, your virtual towels never require washing or folding. And there’s virtually no drying time so that “mildewy towel smell” (that the man in your life seems never to notice) will be a thing of the past.

Why Was This App Banned? Apple censors write: “...how many times do we have to request you not to make up shit about our devices? Though we can't comment on future products, we assure you that the iPhone never has and never will heat towels, virtual or otherwise.”
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