Wedding Checker App

Wedding Checker

It’s a statistical fact that half of marriages today end in divorce. If you could help stop just one tainted wedding this summer, you would be doing at least two people a great service! Now, imagine being able to do that with anonymity!

That’s where Wedding Checker and its network of autocratic future detectives come into play.

Let’s say that your sister is marrying a used car salesmen from Idaho and you suspect him of being unsavory; just launch the app and type his name into the search field two days before the wedding and a robotic research team will do an exhaustive background check. (A smallish 1-Click™ fee may be required.)

At any time before the vows, secretly plug your iPhone into a set of speakers near the altar and wait! As soon as Wedding Checker App hears anything resembling the phrase, “If there is anyone here who has reason that these two people should not be married”… even you will be surprised to hear the potentially anonymous defamation of his character. If no dirt was dugg up on your potential brother-in-law, it’ll be nothing but wedding bells and candy-coated almonds.

Why Was This App Banned? depletes national identity resources, also uncritical use of jazz fusion
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