Yoda Bong Origami App

Yoda Bong Origami

The instructional app for how to fold your favorite Star Wars action figures, with bongs, out of paper.

We reviewed this a year ago when the app designers initially tried to release it for iPhone and iPod Touch. But the instructions were pretty hard to follow, given all the zooming in and out.

But this time around we’re looking at it on a preview version of the iPad. Both of us are agreed. Yoda Bong Origami is fantastic on a large screen. Almost feels made for this device. Really crisp. Instructions are easy to follow and the two we folded up – “Darth Bong” and “Queen Padmé of Nabong” – look pretty sweet. Unfortunately, you wont get the chance to fold your own because the app didn’t make it past App Store censors. Again…

Apparently you need permission from Lucasfilm, Fox Home Entertainment and a smarmy guy named “Stuart” at the Jim Henson Company before releasing an iPhone or iPad app using the Star Wars brand. That must not have seemed obvious to the designers until a 19-page cease-and-desist order arrived. Even the Yoda Bong Marketers Association threw its rasta hat into the ring.

Why Was This App Banned? legal entanglements
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